Description of Ramayana 3000

About Ramayana 3000:

It is the year 3000. Robots introduced in the 21st century have served Mankind faithfully for a thousand years.

The unintended consequence of the introduction of Robots is that humans have become entirely dependent on Robots in all aspects of life.

Idleness has produced social decay and complete erosion of the family unit. Humans have become illiterate and incapable of providing for themselves. Bastardy is the prevailing social norm. Barbaric violence, rape and addiction to drugs are endemic. The book paints a bleak apocalyptic picture of horrific civilizational collapse.

The fuel cells that have powered the Robots for many centuries have begun to lose their potency. As the Robots start malfunctioning, the very real threat of human extinction looms as humans are simply incapable of cooperating for mutual gain and survival.

In a race against time, Ram and his companions must rebuild a new human civilization that can be actively sustained without dependence on Robots.

Ramayana 3000 is an apocalyptic, dystopian science fiction novel that combines evolutionary theories with Hindu Mythology. The book places strong emphasis on marriage as the foundation of civilization.


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